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There is a great deal of benefit to the patient in the application of FDA approved pain creams and salves. They are able to reduce pain in the area or areas of application, and do not affect the rest of body or head with undue side effects. These products are also covered by most insurances as well as Medicare, and typically there are coupons to be used to eliminate or greatly reduce whatever co-pay may be associated with the products…

The Neuro Stim pain relief

The Neuro Stim pain relief system is a FDA approved technology that reduces pain without the use of oral pharmaceuticals or opiates. It is a simple yet very effective system that will reduce pain in 8 out of 10 patients by 50 % or more. Insurance and Medicare will cover the cost of this treatment, and we will work with you, the patient, to help defer any other costs associated with this procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a relatively new and exciting beneficial health service that has been having remarkable success in many various areas of medicine. It has transcended many specialties, from Ophthalmology to Orthopedic, as well as Gynecology to Veterinary Medicine too. It is quite big in the world of aesthetics too…

Medical Spa Services

We’ve been involved in the world of aesthetics for many years and have decided to incorporate some specialized medical spa services in our practice.