Who we are:

We are a group of Doctors and other providers, dedicated to various forms of patient care, that encourages better health and wellness. We also offer non-invasive medical spa treatments that can treat the face and body, for happier patients and a better way of life.

Colorado Alternative Therapy is also able to offer services and products through diagnostic testings and evaluations, with varied and acceptable choices given to the patient for a better and happier way of life.

Working with a multitude of medical options, we believe our patients will have a reduction in their various indications, and potential healing of their minor ailments.  It is typically not one thing that may help a patient, but a series of services that we or others can provide, with many covered as well by Medicare and conventional insurances.

Dr. David Gordon has over 20 years experience working with patients; his passion is providing non-pharmacologic options for chronic disease prevention and treatment, with a focus on lifestyle. He is currently practicing at Holos Health, an Integrative Health Clinic specializing in Medicinal Cannabis evaluations and recommendations. Dr. Gordon is also founder and owner of 4 Pillars Functional Medicine, which currently serves as an online educational and resource platform, and for the prior 15 years was a free standing primary care integrative clinic.

Dr. Gordon received his Medical Doctorate and completed his residency training at the University of Colorado and remains on the clinical faculty. He is board-certified in Internal and Integrative Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

4 key pillars — food, movement, relaxation and community — are the cornerstones to achieving optimal health. Dr. Gordon believes that learning about and incorporating these pillars are the path to control your own destiny, understand the root causes of your illness, and distance yourself from a dysfunctional system that stresses drugs and procedures at the expense of true health. When not working to achieve optimal health in others, Dr. Gordon brings those same philosophies to his personal life alongside his wife, two teenagers, and his dog Dexter.

He has an active meditation practice and believes that is crucial for balancing the onslaught on information, toxins, and technology to which we are exposed. On days off, you’ll find him playing tennis, riding his bike, or getting out into nature.
Cooking and traveling are also things he and his family enjoy

I began my medical career by practicing Family Medicine a small rural town in East Texas. From there, I started my academic career at age 31; by returning to my Alma Mater- University of North Texas Health Science Center, in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. After being at UNTHSC for six years, I went to Oklahoma to complete a surgical obstetric fellowship. While in Oklahoma, I was director of the OB program, at the largest hospital in the State, St. Anthony Hospital. I was a faculty in Family Medicine, while serving as the Director within the Obstetrical Program, training both residents and fellows.

In 1997, I came to Colorado to become the Resident Director, of the largest program at that time, having 60 Family Medicine Residents. After two years I began working in Occupational Medicine and eventually started my own Occupational Medicine Corporation, serving as President and CEO, all the while still seeing a full slate of patients. In 2005, I agreed  to be one of the two co-founders of Rocky Vista University- College of Osteopathic Medicine, serving as Clinical and Graduate Medical Education Dean. In 2009 I became the Vice President and Senior Administrative Dean of one of our newest medical schools.

In 2012, I returned to Denver in preparation of selling my company- Occ.Med.Colorado.

In my career, I have completed three doctorates – a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, A PhD in Academic Administration, and a PhD in Biblical Studies. During this time I have completed four medical fellowships, including two Health Policy Fellowship. One was with the US Public Health Department, being the first DO to complete this program; And a Health Policy Fellowship through the American Osteopathic Medicine.

Currently I am practicing Family Medicine and teaching Old Testament at Gateway Seminary.

Greg Smith

Steven Weiner has been involved in the world of Health and Medicine for over 28 years.  Working in the varied world of healthcare software, medical equipment, medical practice consulting, and being an owner of a Medical Spa as well, he has devoted many years to doing what he can to benefit those with pain, health, and aesthetic needs. He has tried to help many men and women with options that lean on alternative and non-invasive methods, without the need of oral pharmaceuticals that have side-effects, and tend to hide the pain as opposed to healing the pain.

After moving from Florida, he and his wife opened a Colorado dispensary in 2009, and a medical marijuana edible company in 2011.  It was at the very beginning of the Medical Marijuana movement, and as most now know, many other states, and a large portion of the population has accepted the world of Cannabis as an acceptable form of improved health for many indications and maladies.

Steven has also been on the board of advisors of a number of vocational schools, currently an advisor at Pickens Technical Institute in Aurora, and has lectured as well on various subjects, such as laser light therapy, skin conditions, cannabis, and medical marijuana. Through his involvement with these various occupations, he feels that the future of healthcare is benefited greatly by combining various medical treatments and procedures with alternative options, and subsequently finding the best solutions to visible and noticeable improvements in one’s health.

He holds certifications in many varied forms of aesthetic procedures, and continues to teach and educate in a wide array of areas such as CBD, Microcurrent, Light Therapy, Lasers, Platelet Rich Plasma and more.

His newest venture is a new alternative pain clinic, working together with highly qualified professionals and providers who believe similarly to the idea of finding the right combinations of medical and alternative health solutions for the benefit of their patients.

It is the combined belief of all involved that we can offer wonderful solutions at little to no cost to varied patients that have questions we can answer and problems that we can treat.   We will first and foremost listen to our patients, and then do our best in finding the best answer whether it is through us or other services we can recommend to the many other like-minded professionals.